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Memorial Poppies

November 2021- Issue2




Grow your knowledge of the game.

Walter 'Turk' Broda

Regarded as perhaps the best clutch goaltender of all time, Walter “Turk” Broda was “Mr. Maple Leaf” for 16 seasons.  But did you know that Broda was arrested for trying to switch to another military team during World War II?

Here is the article:  Was a hockey player arrested for trying to switch to another military team during World War II?

May 15, 1914 - October 17, 1972

Teamwork is the core of great goaltending.


Develop your own strategies.


The tools you use to play goal.

Kasimir Kaskisuo highlights his Custom Bauer Specs - Predators Set-Up

Grow your Hockey IQ

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Hockey Confidence.jpg

This month The netMINDer features Hockey Confidence:  Train your brain to win in hockey and in life, by Isabelle Hamptonstone.

Confidence affects how we deal with stress and how we fulfill our potential to achieve the results we desire. In sports and in life, confidence is the underlying factor determining mental and physical performance, leading to overall success. This book by experienced mental performance specialist Isabelle Hamptonstone contains a collection of powerful techniques and tips to help hockey players overcome lack of confidence.

Clear instructions and illustrative case studies show how training the brain to develop and sustain hockey confidence can upgrade results and help players make smarter, quicker decisions under pressure. Hamptonstone shares step-by-step guidelines gleaned from her years of research working with the giants in the game of hockey. Some of the greatest hockey players in the world have used these very same steps to change their game and their lives. Added to this base of personal knowledge, the book references inspiring moments of mental performance by Wayne Gretzky, Doug Lidster, Scott Niedermayer, Shane Doan, Darryl Sydor, Jarome Iginla, and Mark Recchi.

This pragmatic and positive book is a game-changing guide and valuable resource for anyone interested in high-performance hockey, as well as a valuable tool for self-development.

Attitude is everything.  


"Now more than ever it is crucial for hockey players to learn techniques to retrain their brains to deal with stress by increasing their mental focus."

-Isabelle Hamptonstone

Tips from Hockey Confidence:  Train Your Brain to Win In Hockey and In Life:

  1. Two players, same situation, different results.  Your mindset makes the difference.

  2. Focus on the good, however small, until it becomes great.

  3. Pay attention to your thoughts. Act from faith in your own ability to deal with a situation instead of from fear of the possible outcome.

  4. Know that we naturally learn and grow and develop, each and every day.

  5. Choose to learn today so that you can face down obstacle tomorrow.

  6. when the world throws you a curve ball, change your perspective and use it as an opportunity to learn how to catch. 

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Hand-Eye Coordination

Mindset / Focus

Play the game.

Practice Sessions and Games.JPG

The greatest hockey game ever played?  

Objectives and Skill Levels.JPG

Establish Your Objective.
Set your goals.

Rangers had to scrounge for goaltenders during World War II

With regulars serving in military, New York hard-pressed to find replacements

by Stan Fischler / Special to

Click here to read the story of Steve Buzinski

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59 Laws of Goaltending 1st ed - Cover.JPG

Take 25% of the digital download of
59 Laws of Goaltending.


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