Juggling Intelligence

Explore an objective view of intelligence & the potential of children & young athletes:

No athletes experience more failure than a goaltender.  This session has been developed for coaches who are sometimes faced with behavioral issues and complex problems.  Ultimately, the main goal of all leadership in any walk of life to influence and persuade others in a positive way.  During this presentation you will examine a strength-focused approach to influencing young athletes based on the way the mind works.  

Participants will:  

  • Explore many examples of resilience in sports & training;

  • Learn to use or adapt the 9 elements of brain-based goaltending;

  • Explore the science of motivation & ways to motivate children with behavior challenges;

  • Explore an objective view of learning based on how the brain functions;

  • Deal more effectively with challenging behavior;

  • Discuss the importance of personal self-awareness and self-management;

  • Empower children & youth with new skills & confidence.

Next webinar:  Sunday, November 15, 7:30PM EST  

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