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netMINDer      March 2022  Issue6

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In this issue of netMINDer we take a closer look at mental health as we apply some of the developmental training elements.  Former goaltenders Clint Malarchuk and Corey Hirsh are helping to end the stigmas.   There are lot's of resources to explore in this issue.  For yourself, someone in your family or player you are coaching.

The Academy tips it's mask to Clint Malarchuk.  On March 23rd, 33 years ago, I was a 16 year old kid sitting in the living room of our house in Marystown, Newfoundland.  With my dad sitting next to me watching the hockey highlights, a disclaimer opened the sport reel.  There was a clip of the infamous accident in Buffalo and then an interview with a bandaged Clint Malarchuk, along with his sister.  When the sports news was all over, my dad looked at me and said, "Go get aboard the car."  We proceeded to drive to our local Canadian Tire and purchased a huge D&R white sponge neck guard along with a black plastic Cooper tie-on dangler.  For the rest of the season it was very difficult to look down to see the puck, in fact it was near impossible.  When I complained,  he'd say, "You want to play goal, you're wearing the neck guards."  There was no discussion.  

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Your hockey IQ is your own perception of the game.  Your mental health IQ is your perception of mental health.  Clint Malarchuk is one of the pioneers of mental health awareness.  As an advocate sharing his story, he allows other people to change their perspective and increase mental health IQ in a very positive way.

Clint's book, The Crazy Game, is a powerful account of his life in hockey and battle with mental health.

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Movement and exercise can help understand and strengthen mental health.


Knowledge is an important part of value and understanding.

Blindsided is a podcast about sports, mental health and life.

This issue is dedicated to McKenzie, Holly, Perry, Davis, Shelley, Josh, Caryn and  David.



It's important to get help if you or someone you know is going through a crisis or thinking about suicide. Help is available. Learn about the resources available to you by following this link.


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