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netMINDer     May 2022  Issue8

This issue is dedicated to the unsung heroines of hockey and specifically goaltending...

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by  Allyson Tufts

If I had a dollar for every time another hockey parent would say to me, “I could never be a Goalie Mom, I don’t know how you do it,” I’d be rich right now. My standard answer has always been, “I don’t do it well.” Don’t get me wrong, I am my son’s number one fan and have always been so proud of him. I admire his willingness to stand in net and not only face all the pucks coming his way but also face the scrutiny that comes along with being the last line of defence. To read the article, click here.

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Goalie moms are a special breed  by Mark Lidbetter​

Hockey moms are a special breed whose devotion to their sons and daughters as well as the contributions to their organizations and teams is often tested when they are in the stands during games. The ebb and flow of a game can be traumatic as they watch their children perform on the ice. When it comes to mothers of goalies, however, that pressure is magnified much more. According to Brigitte Garceau, hockey goalie moms face even greater pressure because their child is the last line of defence for the team. “There are always trials and tribulations with every hockey mom during evaluations and games but I think there is a bit more with a goalie mom,” Garceau said in a recent interview. “When the team wins, everything is wonderful but when they lose sometimes people look to the goalie.”  To read the rest of the article, click here.

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