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Establishing your objective is very important.  Your objective is what you what you want to get from playing hockey.  It is related to goal setting but goes beyond.  Objectives are vital to successful goaltenders.  One of the most important aspects of my work with young people and goaltenders is to assist them in developing effective objectives.  Creating your objective takes time, patience, experience, involvement, skill & empathy.  Your goals and the level of hockey you are playing will change over time.  However, your objective will work to keep you grounded when times get tough.  This is why it is so important.  Here are some things to consider when you are establishing your objective:

  • Keep a journal.  Take some time to write down what you believe is your role on the team.  Are you satisfied with the type of hockey player you are becoming?  Are satisfied with the your performance on the ice?   Are you satisfied with the type of person you are becoming?

  • Start a collection of notes, quotes, and ideas you may want to use as resource material.

  • Write down your objective in the form of a mission statement.   


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