Mentorship Program

Through goal setting, problem solving, season planning & resource sharing, here are the three objectives of this mentorship program:  

1. An athlete never stops learning.

This is reflective in how they adapt to life’s challenges.

2. You will learn to be a game-changer.

Not just for themselves, but in their everyday lives and especially with their peers.

3. You learn to lead by example.

It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but more impactful to give students the tools and examples they need to come to their own solutions.

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About the Training

All sessions are based on the principles of developmental goaltending.  Through this mentorship, goaltenders will integrate the game of hockey with character-building.  Goalies will learn the true mechanics of self-confidence, and resilience.  

Program includes:

     10 group sessions - First Sunday of every month (August to May);

     6 individual one-on-one sessions;

     First consultation is free.


I am interested in learning more about the mentorship program.  Please contact me to book a free consultation.

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Barry Smith, CPT, BA has worked with youth from many diverse backgrounds for over 22 years.  He has been around the game of hockey as a player, coach and volunteer for over 40 years.  He has a BA from Memorial University of Newfoundland and he is a Certified Personal Trainer.