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Law 1

Attitude is everything.  It’s not what happens to you but how you handle it that matters most.  

"Quiting is guaranteed failure."

Law 2

Work on your skating.  The goalie has to be the best skater on the team.  Not the fastest but the best and most agile.

Law 3

Win through your actions and your play on the ice - never through argument.   If you get passed up, cut from a team or traded, never put down the coach or manager or other goalie.   The last thing you need is someone pointing out why the other goalie is better than you.  Be gracious.  Your turn will come.


One of the greatest goalies of all time, Ed Belfour went undrafted and signed as a free agent during the same time when the Hawks had Dominik Hasek.  You have to believe in yourself.  Trust the framework.  Trust the process.  Work hard.    

The 59 Laws of Goaltending | by Barry Smith

| 68 pages | $22.00 CAD plus $5.25 shipping/handling in Canada or $7.25 shipping/handling in the US | also available as a $9.00 CAD  Instant Digital Download to your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Click HERE to purchase.    

"Vladislav Tretiak said "The craftmanship of a goaltender consists of character, athletic

ability, technique, experience, psychological stability and finally, hard work."  The 59 Laws of Goaltending looks at the 9-Channels of Brain-Based goaltending and captures the essence of Tretiak's definition. 

Courage, will, persistence and determination are the most important qualities that a goalie will ever have. This book will help you overcome the adversity that comes with playing in goal. Great for coaches too!

"A great collection of goaltending quotes and thoughts for goalies of all ages."

-Dave Stathos, Goalie Performance Center


"Absolute gem! Like a Tao Te Ching for goalies, you can flip to any page and find a passage of relevance and inspiration. Great reminders for goaltenders at every level."

- Rob Couturier, ProForm Goalie Development


"Great book you put together - you did an awesome job."

-Maria Mountain, Goalie Training Specialist



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