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Bi-Weekly In-Person Seminars
The Mentors Workshop

"A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life."  -John Wooden (Legendary Basketball Coach) 

Learn the framework to a  lifelong learning process and gain the tools to navigate challenges, embrace growth, and uncover potential.  Our sessions provide practical strategies and insights for unending personal and professional development. Enhance your skills, advance your game, and lead a more fulfilling life by becoming a great mentor. 

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Next session takes place

Monday, July 29th

6PM to 7:30PM

Capital Subaru Arena

55 Hebron Way

Complete the registration form below, or contact us

at or 709.746.1025

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Take the Hockey Mentor Course and leverage The Mentor's Template as a framework to develop a mentoring approach that goes beyond a  strength-based approach.  

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