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Strategy is how you manipulate/ adapt everything you are learning to stop the puck.

What do you do to stop the puck in various situations?

Strategies can be conscious and/or subconscious.

Ian Clarke says that technique alone will not translate into elite goaltending.  Technique is just one of the 7 components of elite goaltending.

7 Components of Elite Goaltending:

  1.  Athleticism.  The goaltenders natural ability to athletically play the position.

  2. Competitiveness:  If have the be the fiercest competitor on the team.

  3. Instinctive-ability:  The ability to break from structure.  The ability to find a creative solution under pressure.  (Best Saves of 2018-19 NHL Season)

  4. Reactivity:  The ability to react. 

  5. Technical:  Structural mechanics to the position.  

  6. Visual Talent.

  7. The ability to put these different elements into your own recipe for success. (source: INGOAL RADIO PODCAST EPISODE 34: IAN CLARK) 

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