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Discover your potential.  Build on your strengths.

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Tuesday Drop-In Sessions

Train smart.

Off-ice goalie training drop-in sessions include a variety of activities: 

  • strength & conditioning

  • hand-eye coordination

  • visualization

  • nutrition training

  • game strategies

  • flexibility & agility

  • season planning

  • goal setting

  • healthy habits, &

  • character development. 

Each athlete will develop their own unique training plan. 

PXS Warehouse & Training Center, 39 Sagona Ave. 

 Click Contact Us for session dates and to register or email  

Drop-In Fee

10 X Sessions 

Online Workshop

FREE Monthly Zoom Session

Start each month off on the right skate.  For goaltenders living in world.  Sunday nights, 9:30 Newfoundland Time, 9 in Labrador.  Do you have a burning question about danglers?  Are you frustrated and dejected?  Do you have a defenceman on your team who gives you the piles?  During our Sunday night sessions we leave no-stone-unturned.  Click on the Contact Us and we will send you the link. 

Brain Storming on Paper

Seminars & Team Building

We teach process and structure.  Do you want to get the best out of your goaltenders?  If you would like to learn how this framework can help your goalie program, hockey school, athletics program or team, please contact us today to learn about our workshops and team building sessions. Click on the Contact Us for more information. 

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