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Goaltending is a position in sport like no other.  Rich in tradition and deeply rooted in nostalgia, the netMINDer has grown to be progressive, dynamic and modern.  netMINDer  Academy of Goaltenders is a site dedicated to the greatest position in sports.

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Discover the natural learning process that will allows you to reach your greatest potential as an athlete and a person.  Based on 9 specific elements -  the focus is on structure and collaboration.  Get the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set necessary to unleash talent and leadership capacity.  

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My name is Barry Smith.  I am a youth outreach worker, a coach and a collaborator and I have been around the game of hockey for over 40 years.  Every month I publish a collaborative Newsletter covering developmental goaltending topics, leadership, and anything else I find which will add value to your journey as an athlete.  Be the first to receive each monthly edition.  Sign up and you will also be entered for a chance to our monthly prize.  This month we have a copy of Pelle Lindbergh: Behind the White Mask to give to some lucky winner.  Good luck!


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