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A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you."

— Bob Proctor


Hello & Welcome to our site. 

This site is dedicated to empowering mentors of all walks of life with essential leadership skills and an effective mentoring framework. Whether through sports, recreation, business, school or the workplace, the need for mentorship is everywhere.  Our platform leverages these unique opportunities to build essential life skills.

Effective mentorship can profoundly impact individuals of all ages. This site is dedicated to equipping mentors with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to become transformative guides. Whether you're a seasoned mentor looking to refine your skills or new to the field and eager to make a difference, join us on this journey of fostering meaningful connections and nurturing potential through the power of mentoring.

"The mediocre mentor tells.  The good mentor explains.  The superior mentor demonstrates. The greatest mentors inspire!"

–Lucia Ballas Traynor

Mentoring goes beyond skill development; it's about nurturing character, instilling values, and guiding them toward personal growth.  The greatest teachers emphasize the importance of integrity, teamwork, and resilience, shaping young people into not only better players but also better individuals, prepared for life's challenges.

What is one of the biggest problems facing young people today?


Stress and social isolation along with the pressures of academic performance, societal expectations, and the pervasive influence of social media contribute to heightened levels of mental health challenges among young people.   We need mentors willing to challenge these obstacles and create positive environments and meaningful opportunities.  

Resilience & Perseverance

Facing challenges, setbacks, and failures teaches resilience and perseverance. Learn to bounce back from defeat, adapt to adversity, and keep striving for improvement, valuable skills for navigating life's obstacles.

Teamwork & Collaboration

This approach to mentorship fosters teamwork and collaboration  - working effectively with others toward a common goal. Learning to communicate, cooperate, and support teammates is invaluable in various aspects of life.

Why buy this book?

You have a passion for helping.  You do not want to be a bystander.  

The Mentor's Handbook provides a proven framework to navigate your mentoring journey.  Every mentor is unique and you have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact.    

As a coach & mentor, you have the chance to inspire, guide, and empower, helping to develop essential skills, confidence, and resilience.  The growth and success of your mentees can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, knowing that you played a meaningful role in shaping their futures and making a difference in their lives and your own.


Click here to purchase the book or to sign-up for an online session today! 

Take the Hockey Mentor Course and leverage The Mentor's Template as a framework to develop a mentoring approach that goes beyond a  strength-based approach.  

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