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Resources include everything you are working with.  The most obvious resource is gear.  Early goaltenders like Clint Benedict and Jacques Plante were trailblazers.  'Modern NHL goaltenders are a far cry from their scantily-padded ancestors, who were required to remain upright while stopping pucks.' As hockey progressed, rules changed and goaltenders added to their gear.  Goalies will always be looking for ways to innovate - it is part of the lure to the position.  (Evolution of NHL Goalie Equipment).


Clint Benedict, 1930

It is very important to get gear that fits you properly  (Equipment sizing information.

When you are still growing, it never hurts to consider second hand gear (Sideline Swap).  There are many benefits to using second hand gear - it's cheaper and not as stiff as brand new equipment.  Also you can try the different brands.  There are the mainstream brands like Bauer, CCM, Brian's, Vaughn and Warrior then there are custom companies like Brown, Simmons, Boddam, Kenesky, and Passau.

Then there are the innovations in goalie training. Nothing beats the good old fashioned tennis ball

Tennis Ball.jpg
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