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A seminar.  

Strength-Based Coaching

A strength-based approach to coaching young athletes.    

Every player has potential.  This seminar is for coaches, youth workers and volunteers who want to get the most from their players and teams.  Sometimes coaches and program staff have to deal with challenging situations and behavior.  Participants will learn practical tools while exploring a strength-based approach to working with children and youth.  Participants will learn to build their own systems based on a proven framework designed to guarantee success.  

Understanding, principles and prevention:  topics covered in this seminar include:    

  • Helping players cope with stress and anxiety;

  • All behavior is a message;

  • Behavior management techniques;

  • The 4 most important questions every coach needs to know;

  • The power of kindness;

  • Self-esteem building activities for any situation;

  • Effective strategies to deal with bullying.

For more information or to book a seminar please call Barry at 709.746.1025 or email  

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Barry Smith, CPT, BA has been helping young people improve their lives for over two decades.  He has worked with youth from many diverse backgrounds.  He has been around the game of hockey as a player, coach and volunteer for over 40 years.  He has a BA from Memorial University of Newfoundland and he is a Certified Personal Trainer.  

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